Religion and Customs

The people of Sikkim are warm, simple,friendly as well as welcoming by nature. The customs and rituals of Sikkim are as diverse as the ethnic that inhabit the land ; the ‘Lepchas’ — essentially children of the forest , the ‘Bhutias’ and the ‘Nepalese’.

The Lepchas The original inhabitants of Sikkim . They existed much before the Bhutias and Nepalese migrated to the state but we cannot find the exact date and year neither from where they had come. Before adopting Buddhism or Christianity as their religion, the earliest Lepcha settlers were believers in the bone faith or mune faith. During the british reign the nepalese were brought from the place called now Nepal for the TEA plantation and in course of time they sharted to move from one place to other for job and greener Pasture some settled to Sikkim others to the seven sisters i.e north east region. Bhutias as per the saying they came from BHOOT ( Now Bhutan ) but no one knows the truth about their migration. Bhutia’s they worship Buddhism and the Nepalis are almost Hindus but some were converted to christianity and still they follow the same where as some like Gurung, they started worshiping there own religion similar to buddhism. sherpa’s comes under Tribal as per there are three tribes in sikkim i.e Lepcha, Bhutia and Sherpa and others like Limbu, Mangar, Rai, subba, Tamang they comes under OBC.

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