Food and cuisines

Sikkim’s food is a rich mixture of Nepalese, Bhutia and native Sikkimese and also slight touch of Tibetan food, blend of different culture.  Rice, Maize are the staple produce consumed in Sikkim. The cuisine of Sikkim is by and large non-vegetarian. A lot of vegetables are fermented to preserve them for a longer time.

Meals typical format bhat – dal- tharkari – achar  (rice-legume soup-curry-pickle) . A boiled rice and lentil soup containing spices such as coriander, turmeric, cumin, and Garam masala. It is often cooked with onion, garlic, ginger, chili, tomatoes and served with a vegetable tarkari.

Phagshapa.-  Generally a dish for the summers, Phagshapa – is a pork based dish served with rice. … Chaang— In the bitter-cold winters of Sikkim, it is ideal to try out an alcoholic beverage to keep you warm. …Kinema Curry. …Kodo Ko Roti. …Sael Roti. …Gundruk and Sinki. …Chhurpi… churpi  these are exotic cuisine.

Thukpa is a very well-known Sikkimese egg noodle dish that originated from Tibet. We also know it as Gya-thuk. It contains vegetables or meat in a meat-based broth and is spicy. It is mixed with soup and flavored with vegetables which are crumbled. Chopped onion, green chilies, and Garlic add spice flavor to the noodles. It is much liked by both local ones and tourists. It is available in all the restaurants in sikkim.


Are dumplings for the Tibetans, which are found in cafes and restaurants easily in Sikkim.
It is one of the traditional foods of China and Nepal. Momos are available in various types which are deep-fried momos, steamed momos or boiled momos ., Momos are served with  soups along with   hot spicy chutney & sauce  and stuffed meat and partial veggies inside makes a perfect blend for the cold winter Can experience the heat and the warm while eating this dish.

Gundruk Soup

The vegetarian soup popular in Sikkimese households as well as can find in restaurants too. It serves as a good purpose during the winter or chilly seasons. Cooked with   tomatoes, garlic, onions etc. This is prepared  with sage leaf or mustard leaves they call it “raya ko saag” first crushed and kept for fermentation for 3 0 – 45 days then dries and kept safe in a container for the winter or any season when there is shortage of  veggies this is cooked. It is very delicious and appetizing.

Kinema Curry

 food made of fermented soybean, sliced tomatoes, and spices  Some flavored enhancers are onion, turmeric powder, tomato, and red chili. It is a Sikkimese curry which is traditional and is rich in proteins. It has a unique taste, and they take almost all rice items it is serve as a meat substitute.  Sikkimese used them later for curries, soups, and pickles.

Sael Roti

Nepalese origin food. It is a soft pretzel made from fermented rice batter, local a flavor which is ring-shaped. They fry it deeply until it gains the perfect moisture and color. People eat sael roti during special occasions and festivals. This is doughnuts, crispy and crusted which add to its taste to a more wonderful one. They serve it with tomato chutney and can serve the purpose of a good snack along with some potato curry.

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