Most Poisonous Trees Found in India

Not all but some trees and plants are poisonous to pets, animals, and humans, that produce toxins or contain poison also includes Rosary pea, Datura, and madar, a divine flower with the list of medical uses and offered to Lord Shiva.

Suicide Tree (Cerbera odollam) – Most Dangerous Tree in India The suicide tree is native to India and other parts of Asia, Mostly found around the coastal salt swamps and in marshy areas, and known to contain toxins that are dangerous for humans.

Strychnine Tree (Strychnos nux-vomica)Strychnine tree is also native to India and Southeast Asia, known as poison nut tree and source of the highly poisonous seeds but at the same time used to promote within herbal medicine.

Marking Nut Tree (Semecarpus Anacardium) or varnish tree found in India from the Himalayas to the Coast of Tamil Nadu. The deciduous tree is closely related to cashew and some parts of the tree are used in Ayurvedic for medicine but the black fruit is toxic.

Yellow/White Oleander (Cascabela Thevetia) Yellow oleander is another most poisonous plant found in India, though cultivated widely as an ornamental tree. The bright yellow, white, and orange flowers are used for worshiping Lord Shiva in India and a divine temple flower.

Indian Laurel (Calophyllum inophyllum)The West Indian laurel also known as Alexandrian laurel is widely used for producing a very hard and durable wood but the fruits and leaves contain compounds said to be poisonous to fish. Calophyllum inophyllum is best known as an ornamental plant for fragrant white flowers and decorative leaves.

Sea Poison Tree (Barringtonia Asiatica) A sea poison tree is grown for decoration in some parts of India but native to mangrove habitats. All parts of the tree are poisonous to humans and the seed powder is also used to kill fish.

Castor Beans (Ricinus communis) – Poisonous Common Plant in India Castor oil plant widespread throughout India and source of castor oil, highly poisonous seeds and one of them found in the world. India is the largest producer of castor oil seed followed by China and Mozambique.

Indian Devil Tree (Alstonia scholaris)Saptaparni is the state tree of West Bengal and is known as Saptaparni, Flowers bloom in the month of October and are very fragrant similar to the Cestrum nocturnum flowers. Alstonia scholaris is an evergreen tree and said that this tree is causing seasonal fevers as well as not good for the people with asthma.

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